The fact is most businesses will benefit from some form of managed print solutions. Most business don’t possess the knowledge nor have the time to develop the internal infrastructure to physically or effectively manage print purchasing. They lack the resources and the supplier base that a Print Management service like Mind's Eye has developed and cultivated through our many years in business.


The Aberdeen Group has reported that companies with Print Management programs typically see a 73% decrease in print requisition process expense, 25% - 50% decrease in inventory expense and 51% decrease in maverick spending by local divisions or silos. With a typical industry savings in excess of 30% it's hard to understand how many companies overlook this powerful cost savings tool!

At Mind's Eye we will provide strategic technical advice and ongoing project management, we will help with the supplier selection,
leverage our purchasing power to negotiate the best price on your behalf, and perform print audits to help expose additional potential
savings for your business.

If print purchasing and management is not a core skill of your business, if you are not receiving a good return
on investment from your print buying, if you don't have an internal print resource available in-house, or if you are not sure you are
receiving the best price or quality with your current print projects, Mind's Eye Cre8tive is here to help!